Letter from Gil

Dear residents of Toronto,

I have decided to run for Mayor.

I love Toronto and believe it has amazing potential. Since moving to the area 23 years ago, I have dreamed of what is possible for Toronto; I believe we can make it the healthiest, most equitable, and sustainable city in the world, that provides affordable high quality of life to everyone.

However, over the last 8 years, the city has become less equitable, less sustainable, and it has lost its sense of unity. The city is falling apart, and leadership is standing by and watching. I strongly feel that we cannot continue in this direction, and that we are at a critical time for change. The combination of climate change and the pandemic have shown that we must live differently, that we must build a Toronto that is affordable, equitable, and sustainable.

Many of the needed changes are not technical or financial, they are political. They require a leader with a bold vision for the future, someone who has the courage to fight for the city and all its residents. Having worked in over 350 cities across all continents, I am uniquely qualified to serve Toronto and have the passion and motivation to lead the change.

In my time advising cities on sustainable growth with my non-profit 8 80 Cities, I have learned from other leaders who are fighting for a better future. I am constantly inspired by the cities and people I meet around the globe who are bringing the changes we need to address the housing crisis, the climate emergency, and rising inequalities. I want to bring that knowledge to Toronto and help address the issues that we face here. I have been and always will be a strong advocate for creating cities that serve all people; cities where people feel they belong and where they can enjoy a high quality of life no matter their age, ability, background, or income.

Toronto is good, but honestly, we must admit that we could be better. There are still big problems with affordability and equity, as anyone who spends time in our parks, streets, and other public spaces can tell you. We must make sustainable mobility safe, enjoyable, and convenient for all. We must invest in housing and neighbourhoods, so everyone has a safe walkable community to call home. I truly believe that with a clear vision and good leadership we can move in a more ambitious direction, from good to great.

Toronto, a city for EVERYONE.

— Gil

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