Over $1 Billion Generated by Cancelling Gardiner East

Official Statement Proves John Tory Made Misleading Remarks During Mayoral Debate.

Toronto – In a statement to CP24, a City spokesperson confirmed that only $500 million in contracts have been committed to the $1.4 billion Gardiner East roadworks project. The spokesperson also confirmed that the design has not been finished and no contracts have been awarded for the easternmost “Hybrid” project that is not scheduled to start until 2026. 

The Official’s statement proves that John Tory made a misleading statement to Torontonians by claiming that there “won’t be any money saved” by cancelling the Gardiner East and moving forward with mayoral candidate Gil Penalosa’s plan for an at-grade boulevard that would still connect the DVP with the Gardiner.

The following is an excerpt of John Tory’s comments during the CARP Mayoral debate on October 13: 

“…the last way to go about improving services for the present and the future is to go back and revisit a decision made seven years ago about the Gardiner Expressway, and which if you stopped doing it today on work that’s already underway, there won’t be any money saved.”

The total cost of the Gardiner East Hybrid project is $1.492 billion (2022$) according to the City. With the at-grade Boulevard alternative option projected to cost only $461 million, the City’s net savings from moving forward with this plan is $531 million. 

Penalosa’s plan to cancel the Gardiner Hybrid in favour of the economical Boulevard option would also open up 5.4 acres of new land with an estimated value of $450 million, according to a study done by commercial real estate firm Colliers Canada, making the total amount generated for the City $981 million while also creating 8,000 new homes for 15,000 people. This new waterfront community will not only be home for thousands of Torontonians, but also a new economic engine and permanent tax base for the city. The additional property tax and development charges from the new homes would push the net benefit to the City well over $1 billion.

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