Carlos Moreno

Creator of 15-Minute City, Advisor to Anne Hidalgo, Mayor Paris

"Gil Penalosa is an internationally recognized personality for his commitment to making cities more friendly, livable, and above all for the citizens. Gil belongs to this rare category, those who think but also act to build quality of life in an urban world threatened by the climate crisis and now the health crisis. I have discussed with Gil the happy proximity, the 15-minute city, the 30-minute territory and our convergence is ever-present. We need personalities like Gil, open to dialogue, who think the city and who create and participate in eco-systems to transform it here and now.

Gil's footprint in many cities around the world is that of a better way of living, a humanistic ecology for a happier city. Gil knows that he can count on me because he is part of those with whom we reflect and act for a better urban world."

Carlos Moreno, Creator of 15-Minute City, Advisor to Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

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