Cecilia Vaca-Jones, Executive Director

Urban-95, BvL Fdn, Netherlands

"I met Gil Peñalosa six years ago when through my work we were trying to find champions that could advocate for better cities for people. When I heard Guillermo for the first time, I was immediately convinced that he is the best champion not only because he is convinced to make better cities for people but because he has already done it in his home city Bogotá!

In his position in Bogotá he helped improved the public space and brought a lot of green Infrastructure which is fundamental for the well-being of families. Furthermore, during the last decade Gil has informed, trained and inspired hundreds of leaders around the world to take action.

Guillermo has the vision, skills, network to make Toronto a better city for people. His leadership will support families that are willing to contribute in making Toronto a great place to live and thrive.

His particular interest in making Toronto a better city for babies and toddlers shows how aware he is on how investing in the early years has the highest economic, social and environmental return for any society. I look forward to see Guillermo lead Toronto with empathy and vision!"

Cecilia Vaca-Jones, Executive Director, Urban-95, BvL Fdn, Netherlands

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