Erion Veliaj

Mayor Tirana, Albania, renowned for transforming the city around creating a great city for children

"It's always great news for democratic societies when activists challenge the status quo, but it's particularly encouraging to see an outstanding leader in city transformation like my friend Gil Penalosa run for Mayor of Toronto.

Gil has run major city operations, and has advised dozens of mayors on how to run great cities! His expertise has been paramount to us changing the City of Tirana from the post-communist hermit town, to European Youth Capital 2022 - child-friendly, massive greening and bike revolution at once.

Toronto has a chance of a lifetime to have an activist mayor that gets cities and has transformed countless of them worldwide through top knowledge and guts! Go Gil, shape a Toronto for everyone and make it a leading global city!"

Erion Veliaj, Mayor, Tirana, Albania

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