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If we want people to get out of their cars, we need to provide them with connected, fast and frequent service that doesn’t take decades to build. 

As Mayor, Gil would deliver FastLane, an integrated network of 62km of separated, high-speed bus lanes and another 30km of bus-only lanes. This is the quickest way to deliver rapid transit to Torontonians who are stuck in traffic.

The FastLane system is built on similar innovative, proven rapid transit systems around the world, including those in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bogota and Seoul. Penalosa’s plan will get Torontonians moving with modern electric vehicles that make stops at covered stations as frequently as subway service. The total estimated cost of the entire city-wide plan is $3.2 billion – more than $700,000 less than the proposed Eglinton East LRT project alone.

We can have a world-class transit system now, but only with the political-will to get it done.

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