FastLane’s Quick Fixes Plan

Strategy to Speed Up Streetcars and Reduce Fares for Low-Income Riders in First 100 Days in Office.

Toronto – Gil Penalosa announced today that in his first 100 days as Mayor he will take action on his FastLane plan, which includes 62 kilometres of rapid transit, with a “Quick Fixes” strategy to speed up all streetcar routes by moving forward with signal and lane prioritization for all streetcars. Penalosa would also strengthen the TTC’s Fair Pass program by lowering fares for those on fixed incomes to $1 a ride.

“Giving streetcars priority will make transit service more reliable, reduce delays and shorten travel times. This will encourage more people to opt for transit and leave their cars at home, making everyone’s commute faster,” said Penalosa. “Putting paint on the road and changing traffic light timing is not a technical or financial issue, it is political. As Mayor, I will do what is necessary to get Torontonians moving.” 

The FastLane Quick Fixes plan will implement signal priority for the St. Clair and Spadina dedicated streetcars lines, while providing both signal and lane priority on the rest of the city’s streetcar routes, including Queen, Bathurst, Dundas and College. At intersections with traffic lights, a portion of the streetcar lane before the crossing will give priority to transit vehicles to keep them moving freely. The curb lane will remain unchanged. 

Penalosa will also reduce fares for riders on fixed incomes to $1. 

Gil Penalosa’s FastLane Quick Fixes plan includes:

  • Signal priority for dedicated Streetcar lines (Spadina and St. Clair).
  • Signal priority and lane priority for non-dedicated streetcar lines.
  • Lowering fares from $2.25 to $1 for riders who receive Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), a Child Care Fee Subsidy (through Toronto Children’s Services) or Rent-Geared-to-Income Subsidy (RGI, or subsidized housing).

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