"Grassroots” Election Signs

Digital, DIY and Window Signs Will Spread the Word while Saving the Environment.

Toronto – Mayoral candidate Gil Penalosa today released the one and only election sign he’ll put in the ground this campaign – and it’s of the “garden variety.” In a video taken from above a greenspace near his home, we see “GIL 4 MAYOR” written out in a 5-metre-long collection of potted chrysanthemums. He has also created digital and printed 8.5x11 and 11x17 campaign posters for supporters to put up as window signs. 

“I care about the environment and traditional lawn signs will be in landfills for hundreds of years,” said Penalosa, who has spent his entire career advocating for vibrant, healthy, walkable cities that are more liveable and sustainable. 

“The people of Toronto want fresh ideas and they share my enthusiasm for a greener, cleaner, safer and more affordable city. I encourage everyone who is excited by my policies on housing, transit, parks and public services to tell their friends and neighbours by putting up a ‘Gil for Mayor’ poster on their front door, desk or window.”

Gil supporters can help spread the word about Gil’s Toronto for Everyone campaign starting today:

  • Visit www.gilformayor.ca/signs to download, print and post a window sign

  • Gather bristol board and the kids to make and post a window sign

  • Visit Gil on @Twitter or @Instagram to like, share and post a video or digital poster

“Have a little fun with it, and help us get the word out. The people of Toronto aren’t looking for the same-old election signs, because they’re not looking for the same-old mayor,” said Penalosa. “In 25 days, say ‘Sorry, Tory’ and vote Gil Penalosa for mayor.”

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