Jenny Roe, PhD

Co-author of Restorative Cities. Professor, Director, Center for Design & Health, University of Virginia, USA

"I have known Gil since 2015 in his role as Founder and Chair of 8 80 Cities and have witnessed first-hand the critical role he has played in building just and healthy cities worldwide.  Gil has worked tirelessly in over 350 different cities around the world to improve public health, equity and sustainability sparking the worldwide Ciclovia / Open Streets Movement (as Commissioner of Bogotá) that is contributing to mobility, improved health and the revitalization of public space globally.  His vision, values and commitment to building healthy cities – alongside his ability to galvanize people from all walks of life in that mission – promises to lead Toronto into a bright new future revitalizing the city for people, culture, equity and sustainability."

Jenny Roe, PhD., Professor and Director, Center for Design and Health,
University of Virginia, USA

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