Gil Penalosa Announces ‘Mondays with the Mayor’

Mayoral candidate will bring City Hall to a new Ward every week.

Toronto – Mayoral candidate Gil Penalosa announced ‘Mondays with the Mayor’ today, which will see him host a public meeting in a different ward each week. ‘Mondays with the Mayor’ will bring City Hall to residents as Gil will ensure that a representative from every public-facing City Division and Agency will be in attendance.

“Participation with City Hall must be so much more than complaining about a pothole to 311 after being on hold for an hour,” said Penalosa. “Torontonians have so many great ideas about how to improve our parks, create more inclusive recreation programs, and make our streets safer. What could our city look like if everyone had a real opportunity to have their say?”

Providing meaningful opportunities for residents to have their say about their neighbourhood, and the city as a whole, is more important than ever in the wake of the recent ‘Strong Mayor’ announcement, which will further centralize power in the Mayor’s office. That announcement furthers the erosion of local democracy in Toronto that started with amalgamation and was exacerbated by Doug Ford’s introduction of larger wards in the middle of the last election.

Mondays with the Mayor will take place in a publicly accessible facility such as a library, school gym, or recreation centre from 6:30-8:30pm every week, excluding holidays, in consultation with the local Councillor. At the meeting, Gil will present a short City Hall update followed by an hour Q & A session that will provide an opportunity for residents to ask questions of the Mayor or senior representatives from City Divisions and Agencies, including City Planning, the TTC, and Parks, Forestry & Recreation. Breakout sessions led by the representatives from each Division will be held after to ensure residents have an opportunity to have more in-depth discussions.


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