Ontario Place: Let’s Build a Public Park for Everyone

Gil Penalosa has announced that, as Mayor, he would withold the 16 acres of city property needed to create the private $40/day spa Doug Ford wants to build at Ontario Place, and instead negotiate with the Province to create a magnificent, completely public, waterfront park for everyone. 

The spa would effectively privatize 62,000 square metres of public space on Toronto’s waterfront with an expected admission cost of $40 per person. This proposal would have a devastating impact on the environment of Ontario Place’s West Island as it is currently home to beavers, minks, and foxes and over 170 species of birds, 15 of which are on the provincial species at-risk list. Further, the spa development would provide “limited opportunity” to preserve the many mature trees on the site.

Well over 1 million people have visited Ontario Place over the pandemic - proving the demand for a great public park at this site. As Mayor, Gil will work with Torontonians to protect Ontario Place from private interests and work with residents from across the city to design and build a signature green space for everyone across our waterfront.

Please sign your name if you believe Ontario Place should be a public park for everyone to enjoy, not an expensive private spa. 

Will you sign?

Sign here if you support creating a public waterfront park at Ontario Place rather than an expensive private spa. 


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