Rehana Moosajee

Former Head of Transportation, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Gil Penalosa and I first met when he was a keynote speaker in Bonn, Germany. I was so struck by his depth of knowledge and experience in what it takes to create cities that are warm and welcoming to 8 year olds as well as 80 year olds and everyone in between.

Upon my return to Johannesburg, South Africa, the City of Johannesburg, invited Gil to come and share his progressive ideas for rapidly urbanising cities. His perspectives were welcomed by a range of civil society urban activists as well as city staff.

Over the years Gil and I have kept in touch. I am delighted that he will be putting his warm heart, genuine love for people and place and wealth of global knowledge and expertise to use in the service of a city he now calls home.

Toronto needs Gil Penalosa if it is to realize its true potential!"

Rehana Moosajee, former Head of Transportation, Johannesburg, South Africa

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