Statement on the Closing of Candidate Registrations

With the registration for the upcoming municipal election closed, I look forward to talking with Torontonians about our future together. Listening to people in all corners of the city over the past months, it’s clear that residents are ready for a change.

Torontonians want a more affordable, equitable, and sustainable city that works for everyone. They want a home that won’t force them to choose between putting food on the table and making rent or mortgage payments, well-maintained parks with activities for all ages and seasons, safer streets, and a public waterfront.

Torontonians are tired of locked park washrooms and water fountains that aren’t turned on well into spring. They’re done with overflowing and broken garbage bins in public spaces and dirty main streets. They don’t want grand announcements for transit plans and parks that never happen.

Under Rob Ford, Toronto was drowning, and John Tory has only tread water; it’s time for Toronto to swim. Together, we can create a better Toronto for EVERYONE.

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