My Statement on Doug Ford’s proposed “Strong Mayor” system for Toronto

Toronto - “The Mayor and City Councillors are the level of government closest to residents. The best local politicians work with their constituents to build consensus on community needs and then advocating for them at City Hall. While that system is sometimes messy it is democracy and it is far better than a centralized, top-down approach that places far less weight on neighbourhood priorities.

That’s why the recent news that Doug Ford is proposing a “Strong Mayor” system for Toronto is so concerning. A Mayoral veto over the issues that matter most to Torontonians, including beautiful parks, libraries, community centres and safe streets, has great potential to lead to inequitable outcomes. I have not seen the current Mayor lose a single important vote in his time at Council. Toronto is not living up to its full potential because of a weak vision, not a “Weak Mayor” system.

I commit that as Mayor I will use the power of ideas, rather than the power of a veto, to inspire Torontonians and Councillors to deliver a more affordable, equitable, and sustainable city with housing, beautiful parks, and safer streets that work for everyone.

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