TwoWheelTO Bike Network Plan

Mayoral Candidate will Make Cycling Safe for People of All Ages & Abilities.

Toronto – Mayoral candidate Gil Penalosa released his TwoWheelTO Bike Network Plan today – a strategy that will allow Torontonians of all ages and abilities to travel safely across the city by bicycle. 

The number of residents who cycle grows each year, according to City data. In 2019, 70% of Torontonians said they cycled, and 74% of households were home to at least one bicycle. (In 2009, only 54% of residents cycled.)

As more and more people use bikes to get around, Gil recognizes that there are two key actions a city can take to safely and substantially increase the number of people cycling: Create a connected network of protected and maintained bike lanes and lower speeds on neighbourhood streets.

“It’s not enough to just tell people to leave their cars at home. If we really want to improve mobility, the City must provide options that are safe, convenient and connected,” said Penalosa. “My plan will ensure that people of all ages and abilities can travel by bike safely across Toronto.” 

Gil’s TwoWheelTO Bike Plan includes:

  • Over 300 km of new protected bike lanes in 4 years. This expansion will more than double the kilometres in the current bicycle network plan. This growth will happen six times faster than it has over the past eight years.
  • Ensure all Torontonians live or work within 1 kilometre of a safe bike lane in the network
  • Prioritize maintaining bike lanes during construction
  • Improve maintenance for bike lanes during winter months
  • Increase bike parking at transit stations

With the expansion of Toronto’s bike network, Gil’s plan prioritizes safety – a connected and contiguous citywide bike network with speed limits on all neighbourhood streets adjusted to 30 km/h – and allows children and youth to bike safely to schools, parks, and to see friends.

And, because of wide arterial roads in suburban areas, no car lanes will be removed.



The TwoWheelTO Bike Network 

Gil’s bike network plan, mapped here with existing cycling infrastructure, will transform how Torontonians can get around. 

 Map of TwoWheelTO bike network plan

  • Red: 484 km of protected bike lanes to be added under the TwoWheelTO Bike Plan 
  • Blue: 72 km of existing bikeways (66 km protected and 6 km of neighbourhood bikeways) 
  • Green: 146 km of existing trails (including 8 km of trail connections) 
  • Yellow: 166 km of approved bikeways, and painted bike lanes to upgrade. Currently planned, still to be completed. 

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